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Exclusive SS24 Hair Clip

CA $22.00

Perfect for all hair types—wavy, textured, curly, or straight. We designed this hair clip to keep hair neatly secured so you can focus on perfecting your manicure.

Best used with

[puddle]Anemone Pink
CA $24.00

Dive into a world of mesmerizing beauty and captivating allure of. Inspired by the delicate tendrils of the ethereal ocean dancers that whisper secrets of the ocean's depths. A wet finish, full coverage yet slightly sheer, soft pink with a hint of mauve.

CA $24.00

A colour that evokes the warmth of tropical waters. With its rich, saturated pigment capturing the essence of sunlit coral reefs, this colour dances through the crystal-clear depths. A creamy, deep orangy-coral red.

[puddle]Low Tide
CA $24.00

This captivating shade mirrors the vibrant hue of the ocean waters and instantly transports you to a seaside paradise. Inspired by the serene essence of a tranquil shoreline. A pastel, aqua turquoise.


Crafted from cellulose acetate, this hair clip offers both flexibility and durability for superior comfort.


Not Tested on AnimalsDesigned in Canada, Made in China

About Gelcare

We're the brand that allows you to become your own nail artist. Redefining the industry with at-home use, we put education first and provide innovative colours comprised of best-in-class formulas.

Our mission is to elevate the at-home experiences, focusing on providing beauty lovers with a refined approach to nail care. Through Gelcare, our goal is to pass along our nail expertise to you.

Focus on perfecting your manicure. Available in 4 colours from our SS24 Collection

From the SS24 CollectionShop collectionNewReefReef
ReefCA $24.00
NewAnemone PinkAnemone Pink
Anemone PinkCA $24.00
NewPacha RedPacha Red
Pacha RedCA $24.00
NewLow TideLow Tide
Low TideCA $24.00
NewIbiza SunsetIbiza Sunset
Ibiza SunsetCA $24.00
NewEs VedràEs Vedrà
Es VedràCA $24.00