SS23 Collection

Bold, brilliant, and breathtaking. Featuring three edgy capsules, our SS23 Collection is crafted for the bold and the minimalist alike.

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Highlighter YellowHighlighter Yellow
Highlighter YellowCA $24.00
Lava OrangeLava Orange
Lava OrangeCA $24.00
Cherry JelloCherry Jello
Cherry JelloCA $24.00
Lightsaber GreenLightsaber Green
Lightsaber GreenCA $24.00
Jellyfish BlueJellyfish Blue
Jellyfish BlueCA $24.00
UFO GreenUFO Green
UFO GreenCA $24.00
Jungle GreenJungle Green
Jungle GreenCA $24.00
GrapefruitCA $24.00
RestockedAura BlueAura Blue
Aura BlueCA $24.00
CantaloupeCA $24.00
Açaí BerryAçaí Berry
Açaí BerryCA $24.00
Lavender PearlLavender Pearl
Lavender PearlCA $24.00
Kasumi PearlKasumi Pearl
Kasumi PearlCA $24.00
Melo Melo PearlMelo Melo Pearl
Melo Melo PearlCA $24.00
Primrose PearlPrimrose Pearl
Primrose PearlCA $24.00
TimelessFreshwater PearlFreshwater Pearl
Freshwater PearlCA $24.00
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